When considering one’s interests, I’ve always found it good to explore one’s roots. And when cultivating interests in kids, it’s good to introduce them to different genres and topics, because, beyond the pop culture consideration, reading is the first time kids can really explore the world outside their home and place and time in any depth.
Unless of course your able to actually take the kid traveling in which case: forget reading, take them out to see the world, they can read later.
In the meantime, I’m just going to go into a couple of kids’ novels and series(kids’ as in children’s literature, not YA, that’s completely different) which, in combination, best encompass the range of genres and knowledge that children’s literature. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll define children’s literature as anything appropriate for ages 5-12 with the understanding that in that group there’s a lot of variation. Recommendations appear in no particular order and will also include posts about what books that are traditionally considered children’s literature, but really probably shouldn’t be.
If you have any recommendations about books that should appear under this tag, let me know.